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                                        My Rigs


VHF : Yaesu FT-736r Mutek or FT-847 - Microwave Amplifier and P.A by HB9SV with 8877  -LNA PHEMT ATF33 - Converter – Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field - DSP2 by IW5BHY, MS-Soft OH5IY - DTR by DF7KF -

SIX Meters Yaesu FT-847 - Yaesu FTV-1000

UHF : Yaesu FT-736R - FT-847 P.A GS35b HA8UG – LNA PHEMT

SHF : Transverter LT23S SSB-electronics -Yaesu FT-736R - PA 2 x 2C39 - MGF 1302 -

My Antennas

Six Meters - Antenna 6 elements by I0JXX  144 MHz. - Antennas 4 x 17 el. 5 WL by EA3ADW full elevation 432 MHz. - Antennas 4 x 28 el. 9 WL M2sq full elevation 1296 MHz. - Antennas 4 x 35 el. 13 WL M2sq full elevation

My Family, as time goes by.....

My Wife and my sons Pietro, Elena, Beatrice

My Portable Station :

I had  a portable station NOW in QRT- QTH - JN53kn at 300 alsm between Vinci and San Gimignano, this was a surplus US Military Shelter, there were 4 x 20 elements 4 WL. by I2ODI, full elevation, UHF & SHF Antennas.. This portable station was actived in the Contest by the Vinci's A.R.I. Radio-Club Members, ( IQ5LDV was special call used in LEONARDO DA VINCI Memorial Day, every year is actived a special Call from the birthouse, by A.R.I. Vinci Radio Club, remembering the birthday of the great Genius ).



QRG is 144.220 MHz - for MS and EME I prefer 144.090 MHz. Only" CW or SSB" You can find me also on Digital VHF - Net - on channel 14345 or chat ON4KST

Vy 73' de Enrico I5WBE