144MHz - MS -EA 3 BB - I 5 WBE - I4YNO  IN62, IN72, IN73, IN82, IN83

    Hello MS Fans,  after our last MS Expedition to JN 01-02-12 on 1998,  reading  the file of Most Wanted Square  by DL8EBW,  we  organized to  active  the Spanish Squares IN 72 - 73 - 82 - 83 and  62  on Perseids shower. So  we began  our preparations to realize our expedition.  At last moment  came with us  Alex I4YNO ,  I and Alex  started from my QTH on  7th. August to run 1100 Km to EA3BB QTH,  after  the "Concurso Nacional EA " (7 - 8 Aug.)  we started on  9th. to run abt. 650 Km. to Embalse del Ebro  Lat. 43° N Long.4° W, there we  met  EA1DPP  that  found the  better place to have a good take off and informed  the Authority of our activity.  To Embalse del Ebro we found some  places with  good take-off  frm N to SSE  exploiting  the reflection of the lake.
    On 12th. Aug at 13.30 z, we started to  IN62TL near Astorga - Leon  abt. 300 Km.,  arrived  on the evening  EA3BB with his  fine work to put  on  the rig, at  21.00 z,  we were able to operate on MS from  IN62TL !
    We are vy satisfied of our results, also if may was better, but we had  QRM from  some stations not patients to await our final RRRRR or our CQ !
    Many TNX to our correspondents, to EA3DXR, EA1DPP Manuel and EA1ATT for their support, to EB1DNA  Ricardo, EB1DPB José (de La Coruña) for their visit and  "Aguardiente" and to EB1FCR Jesús (de Ponferrada).